Distance Learning

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response Plan

  • JCC will take direction from the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) and Minnesota Department of Education (MDE)  involving COVID-19. JCC has primary responsibility for the health and safety of its students and employees in school. 

  • MAY 30, 2020 UPDATE:

    Food Service will continue free lunch and breakfast pick ups.  The time for the Alpha and south of Lakefield pickups changed to 11-11:30 am.  Pleasantview and HS time remain the same - HS location is now door #6.  Please see attached menu and information.

    For facility use, please refer to attached posting.  Thank you for your understanding.  We will post more guidance as it is issued from the state.

    MAY 20, 2020 UPDATE:  

    Graduation will be on KKOJ - audio and livestreamed.

    Driver's Ed update:  Driver's Ed 2020.pdf

    MAY 18, 2020 UPDATE:  

    JCC 4th Quarter Grading for Students in Grades K-8:

    Last week Governor Walz and the Minnesota Department of Education released guidance to schools in regards to student grades during this distance learning period. The JCC administration has reviewed this guidance and will be making changes to the 4th quarter grading scales used for K-8 students.

    MDE Guidance Considerations: 

    • This unprecedented moment in public education has created stress, anxiety, and uncertainty for educators, families, and students. In this moment, educators will need to design new assessment and grading systems that cause no harm and minimize long term detrimental impacts for students.

    • Some students will thrive in distance learning models while others will likely be overwhelmed and need a lot of support. COVID-19 is magnifying inequities that were always present and too often overlooked. During distance learning, students will not have uniform access to support systems and technology. 

    • ….educators and leaders must acknowledge that student learning will be interrupted by the absence of services public schools provide students on a daily basis, such as breakfast, lunch, mental health supports, occupational and physical therapy, creative outlets, and social interaction

    •  ….it is our recommendation that a student should not be reported as a failure and retained or given an F during this unprecedented situation.

    • Research says that students are more negatively impacted by grade retention than they are positively affected by it. The inequities of distance learning….are disproportionately impacting traditionally underserved groups of students. For these reasons, it is the strong recommendation that schools and districts not retain students in their current grade levels for next school year…

    JCC 4th Quarter Grading Scale for Students in Grades K-8: The purpose of this scale is to allow parents/guardians to monitor the progress of their student(s) in the skills and knowledge presented during distance learning, while also taking into consideration the complex nature of distance learning.  Please note that “No Evidence” does not mean that the student has not progressed in the knowledge or skills presented, but rather there is not enough evidence for us to determine his/her progress at this time.

    • Exceeds = 80-100%

    • Meets = 60 - 79%

    • Developing = 1-59%

    • No Evidence = 0%

    Teachers will also consider the following when assigning grades for 4th quarter:

    • Exempting certain missing assignments from the grade calculation

    • Modifying assignment requirements

    • Working closely with Special Education Casemanagers to determine observed progress made by special education students

    In addition all report cards will contain the following wording (per MDE): 

    Grades that are documented during the time period of March 16 through June 30 of 2020 reflect the distance learning period resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. Future use of these grades for academic placement, admission, acceleration, or remediation is discouraged and should only be used with caution after balancing the information against student performance in other grading periods.

  •  MAY 13, 2020 UPDATE:  

The last student day will be MAY 22, 2020.  Seniors need to have assignments in for grades before May 20, 2020.  Other students can turn in assignments until May 29 but it is recommended to have them in before that.

Food service will continue the Tuesday and Friday meal pickups through June 30, 2020.

Graduation ceremony will be held in accordance with guidelines.  Please see attached letter for details.  More information will go out to seniors as the time comes.

Technology return:
Mandatory end of year drop off of Chromebooks, iPads, JetPacks, books and any other school property. These items must be dropped off on either Tuesday May 26, Wednesday May 27 or Thursday May 28th during the hours of 11:00 am to 1:00 pm and then again from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm. There will be a drop off location at each of the 4 buildings. Pleasantview at the west main door, Middle School main door, Riverside north lower parking lot and High School main office door #2. Use the drop off location that is most convenient for you. You will stay in your car during the drop off, staff will push a cart to your car for you to drop off the device. If you are unable to return the property on either of those 3 days please make other arrangements by calling 507-847-6620 otherwise you will be billed the cost of the property. Also don't forget to include the charger and charging cable.

To protect others please don t attend if you are ill, call us to make other arrangements.

Seniors only, if you would like to purchase your Chromebook please drop off a check for $75 on these same dates and times otherwise your device must be returned. The $75 will purchase the Chromebook, case and charger.

Latest News

  • Wednesday, March 25, 2020, Governor Walz informed Minnesotans about school closures due to the COVID-19 outbreak. In accordance with those recommendations, JCC is closed Monday, March 16 until March 27. From March 30 until May 4, JCC will run Distance Learning Days.  During our Distance Learning, we will continue with scheduled school breaks.  For instance, our spring break will still be April 9-13. There will be no school attendance/check ins required for Thursday, April 9, Friday, April 10, or Monday, April 13.  Childcare and food service will not be available April 9-13.

    Please use the links on the left for more information about our distance learning plan. Food Service, Childcare, Student information, Technology, Parent information, Mental Health, Resources and Links, and Postponements and Cancellations.

  • Distance Learning Plans

  • District Distance Learning Plan

  • Riverside Elementary School Distance Learning Plan

  • Pleasantview Elementary School Distance Learning Plan

  • Middle School Distance Learning Plan

  • High School  Distance Learning Plan

  • **published March 27, 2020. Updated to links 3/30/2020.

  • Coronavirus COVID-19 Resources:

    Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

    Minnesota Department of Health

    Talking to Children About Coronavirus COVID-19

    UPDATED 3/25/2020 4:00 pm
    As per Minnesota Governor's announcement on Wednesday, March 26, regarding MN Public School Closures and COVID-19, 
    JCC Schools will be closed from Monday, March 30 through Monday, May 4.  During this time, a Distance Learning Plan will be implemented.  This Plan will be published on this website on Friday, March 27.

    During our Distance Learning, we will continue with scheduled school breaks.  For instance, our spring break will still be April 9-13. There will be no school attendance/check ins required for Thursday, April 9, Friday, April 10, or Monday, April 13.  Students are still able and welcome to work on assignments. Daycare and food service will not be available April 9-13.  



    Pursuant to the executive order from Governor Walz, schools will be closed from March 30th, 2020 through May 4th, 2020.  School is anticipated to resume in-person on May 5th, 2020. The Jackson County Central School District has developed a distance learning plan to ensure students can continue their education during this extended school closure.  The school website serves as a portal for information regarding distance learning as well as connections to specific school plans.

    Remote teaching and learning will take many forms, however you can expect that there will be communication, progress monitoring, and/or feedback between teachers and students. While Distance Learning is not the same as the regular classroom environment, it can provide some continuity when school is interrupted. It will also serve to further prepare our students for today's digital world.

    Jackson County Central school district website, Facebook and instant alert will be the avenues the district will use to communicate and provide up to date information with staff and families.

    JCC Paraprofessionals, with Palmer Bus Company, will deliver packets to individual E-3rd grade students on Monday, March 30, and Tuesday March 31.  Packets will also be delivered to our special education students. Teachers will have instruction directions in the packet. 

    As always, our first priority is the safety and well-being of our learners, families and staff. We also want to ensure every learner has access to the education they need and deserve. If your family does not currently have internet access, please contact our technology department. In the event that we are not able to coordinate internet access, your child will receive an alternative means for participating and learning.  Our District distance learning plan will be up on our website on Friday with links for more information.

     As per Minnesota Governor's announcement on Sunday, March 15 regarding MN Public School Closures and COVID-19,

    JCC Schools will be CLOSED effective Tuesday, March 16 and thereafter through at least Friday, March 27.

      In anticipation of an extended closure, JCC Staff is making preparations for Distance Learning. 

    Please review below the most current information,
    which will be continually updated:   

    --All JCC School Buildings are closed to the public until further notice.
    The Indoor Pool is closed to the public until further notice.
    --The Fitness Center and Walking Track are closed to the public until further notice.

    Food Service:
    last updated March 16th @ 3:15 pm 
    last updated March 25th @ 4:00 pm
    Effective Wednesday, March 18 JCC Food Service will provide student meals (breakfast/lunch) "drive-up" style for any students 18 and under.  If you arrive by car, stay in your car and food service staff will come out to you.  if you arrive on foot, start lining up at the selected spot.  Stay 6 feet away from the person in front of you.  Stay in line.  Food service staff will call you forward to deliver the meals.  You can pick up for your own household.  Please stay home if you have a fever, cough or shortness of breath.  Also, wash your hands before and after you pick up your meals.
    Through March 27th, meals will be available 10:30 am -12:30 pm Monday-Friday at the following locations:
    Jackson County Central High School
    1128 North Highway, Door #12
    Jackson, MN

    Pleasantview Elementary School
    110 Milwaukee St., North parking lot
    Lakefield, MN
    Beginning March 31st, there will be four sites for meal pick ups on Tuesdays & Fridays.  A Survey will be sent electronically to households to select a meal pick up location. 
    Tuesday distribution: 3 days worth of meals, K-3 Homework Packet Friday distribution:  2 days worth of meals, and Jackson County Food for Kids Packs, K-3 Homework Packets

    Pick up sites: Jackson County Central High School

    1128 N Hwy

    Jackson, MN

    Door #12

    10:30 am -12:30 pm Pleasantview Elementary

    110 Milwaukee St

    Lakefield, MN

    North Parking Lot

    10:30 am -12:30 pm Alpha Fire Hall

    Alpha, MN

    Time: TBD

    Hwy 86 & County Rd 34

    Intersection 3 Miles South of Lakefield.

    Time: TBD

    In addition to the pick up locations, Kids Club Daycare will continue to be provided breakfast/lunch M-F at Riverside Elementary.


    For additional Food Service information, please call 507-847-6637 or

    Child Care: 
    last updated March 16th @ 1:20 pm
    Riverside Kids Club will be open Monday - Friday from 6:30 am-5:30 pm for currently enrolled students and students through age 12 of families of emergency workers.  Families of emergency workers will be required to provide occupational badge as identification.
    Parents and students will be expected to comply with certain safety precautions. 
    For additional child care information, please call 507-847-5868.

    last updated March 16th at 4:15pm
    Our District is planning in anticipation of the need for Distance Learning. 
    Starting March 30, per the instruction of the Minnesota Department of Education, student learning will resume for the rest of the school year, whether distant learning or in-person.
    All students have been provided with a device to access school related work in the event our District begins Distance Learning on March 30.
    We encourage parents to reach out to the Technology office if your student is having issues with their device OR needs help logging into school related websites.
    Reminder: Schoology, IXL, Google Drive, and Infinite Campus can all be accessed from any computer with internet access.
    JCC Schools uses many different sites/apps based on grade level. If you have any questions regarding any site not listed, do not hesitate to contact Tech Support.
    Please contact your student's teacher in the next week if you do not have regular access to the internet.  Our District will work with you in order to provide proper instructional materials for your student in the event we do Distance Learning.
    If you are having internet connection issues, please contact your internet provider.


    School related websites
    ●Schoology -
    ●IXL -
    ●Infinite Campus -
    ●Google Drive -


    Technology Office:

    Tech Support -

    Shirley Handzus - 507-847-6620; 507-662-6376;

    Lexi Schley - 507-847-6614;

    Leane Gustafson - 507-847-5310;


    Internet Providers:

    Southwest Broadband - 507-662-7000

    Back 40 Wireless - 507-847-1001

    CenturyLink - 507-200-4304

    Verizon - 1-800-922-0204


    updated March 16th @ 2:52 pm
    updated March 24th at 9:42 am
     last updated March 25th at 1:21 pm

    ALL Community Ed. Activities for March 15-March 29 - CANCELLED
    High School Parent Teacher Conferences for March 17 - CANCELLED
    Discovery Place Preschool Open House for March 19 - POSTPONED
    Early Childhood Screening for March 26th - CANCELLED 
    Families scheduled to come in will be contacted with a new date.  Contact 507 847 5868 with any questions about ECSE screening.
    Spring Play CLUE On Stage for March 20-21 - POSTPONED
    HS Cardiac Screening for March 16 - POSTPONED
    MS Cardiac Screening for April - UNDETERMINED
    Driver's Ed behind the wheel for March 15-March 27 - CANCELLED
    Driver's Ed classes - POSTPONED
    Kindergarten Roundup for April 1 - CANCELLED 
    PLEASE mail K round-up forms to 
    Riverside Elementary School
    820 Park Street
    Jackson MN  56143

    FFA Banquet for April 5 - POSTPONED
    High School Prom for April 25 - UNDETERMINED
    High School Band 7 Choir Trip for March 24-28 - POSTPONED
    ACT Test 11th Grade for March 24 - CANCELLED
    ACT National Test for April 4th - POSTPONED to June 13
    MCA 10th Grade Reading Testing  for April 2-3 - CANCELLED
    MCA 10th Grade Makeup Reading Testing for April 6-8 - CANCELLED
    MN State FFA Convention for April 19-21 - POSTPONED
    Firearm Safety Class for March 9-April 13 - POSTPONED
      Cheer Tryouts - POSTPONED
    PV Cheesecake Fundraiser pickup - POSTPONED
    Dental Sealant - POSTPONED

    Supporting Mental Health 
    Minnesota Department of Health Information


    Note from our Counselors:
    We want all students to know that we are thinking about you.  These are trying times and if you have mental health concerns make sure you are talking to someone.  We will continue to work as a team and will be sending out weekly emails to provide you with resources to focus on your overall well-being.


    If you need immediate support Southwest Mental Health Center has a crisis line available 24 hours a day 1-800-642-1525 or text MN to 741741 for free support.  You can email any of us listed below with any of your concerns regarding your overall well-being and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

    Continue to watch your email for tips and support.

    Alyssa Anderson RN/BSN/LSN District School Nurse –

    Shirley Anderson PreK-5 School Counselor –

    Melissa Ahlschlager 6-8 School Social Worker –

    Tracy Johnson 9-12 School Counselor –

    Tech Support for our JCC Parents & Students:

    We are encouraging parents to reach out to the Technology Office if your student is having issues with their device or needs help logging into school related websites.  Reminder: Schoology, IXL, Google Drive, and Infinite Campus can all be accessed from any computer with internet access.  If you have questions regarding any site not listed, do not hesitate to contact Tech Support. 

    Please contact the Tech Department if you are in need of internet access.

    Technology Office:
    Tech Support -
    Shirley Handzus - 507-847-6620; 507-662-6376;
    Lexi Schley - 507-847-6614;
    Leane Gustafson - 507-847-5310;

    We are here to help!

    JCC Technology Department

    Coronavirus COVID-19 Resources:

    Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

    Minnesota Department of Health

    Talking to Children About Coronavirus COVID-19

    Prior JCC Announcements: 

    March 15 Special Announcement
    March 13 Statement


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